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SpectraSensors SS-Series Gas Analyzers


The SS-Series analyzer products are high-speed, extremely reliable extractive analyzers used to measure the concentrations of Moisture, Carbon Dioxide and H2S in Natural Gas. Laser based analysis is more reliable, repeatable and less costly to operate than electrochemical sensors and not subject to the interpretation errors of chilled mirror instruments. The wall-mount models and all of the internal components and electronics are designed for high reliability in harsh weather and hazardous locations.

SS2100 Single-Channel
Watch our H2S in action! YouTube Movie
H2S Analyzer with sample conditioning panel

The SS-Series is a compact unit designed to provide years of accurate, dependable gas monitoring. SpectraSensors’ gas analyzers utilize laser absorption spectroscopy to detect the presence of one or more gases in a mixture of other gases. This technique has been applied to gas measurements since the laser was first invented over 40 years ago.

Recent advancements in semiconductor lasers have made this technology economically viable for measurement of H20 and in CO2 in natural gas because of the special wavelengths that are required. SpectraSensors owns the patent for these special lasers, and has combined them with appropriate electronics and “smart” software to create an analyzer that requires no sensor element in contact with the sample gas stream. The result is a reliable analyzer which does not suffer from contamination or drift due to impurities such as glycols, amines, hydrogen sulfide, or mercaptans.

Click here to view a 3 minute movie that explains the benefits of this low maintenance, non-contact gas analyzer.

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