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For technical phone support for Gas Chromatograph, TDL Analyzer and Ultrasonic Meter please gather the files requested below.

E-mail the following files to

GC Support: Connect via MON Software (Default Folder location on your PC > C:\GC\SAVE)
1. Final Cal Report 

Reports > Reports Display > Select Report: “Final Calib” > Stream: “Calibration” > Update Method: “None” then hit Start. Save .txt file.

2. Last Cal CGM file

Chromatogram Views > GC Archive > Select “Last Cal” and SAVE .cgm file. (Change file name to “Final Cal”)

3. Last Stream CGM file

Chromatogram Views > GC Archive > Select “Last Analysis” and SAVE .cgm file. (Change file name to “Stream 1”) Repeat for all streams.

4. Alarm Log

Logs > Alarms > Select Alarm Log tab and right-click and “Save Sheet” and Save as .txt file.

5. Picture of calibration concentration certificate – Find the laminated tag on the bottle and make sure you capture all the data on front and back of tag.

USM Support:
1. Maintenance Log
2. Archive Log (Check the following boxes)
– Hourly, Daily, Audit, Alarm, System
– Increase time range to max
3. Wave form
– Check stream to file & record for :15 seconds

TDL Support:
1. Picture of #Diagnostics
2. Download via AMS, HyperTerminal or TeraTerm
3. Request authorization to send in unit for evaluation/repair. SRO Request

Then call 303.935.4694 and ask for GC, Ultrasonic or SpectraSensors Support.