Brodie International Meter Co

Brodie Meter Co

Brodie International Co., LLC is an established manufacturer of liquid flow meters, equipment and engineered measurement solutions for the petroleum and industrial markets.

Brodie International offers a wide array of industry leading positive displacement measurement solutions. Our portfolio includes meters ranging from 1/2” to 16” in size, capable of measuring flows from 0.9 GPM to 13,000 BPH (2.7 LPM to 2,000 M3/HR).

In 1977, the Compact Prover was introduced to the petroleum industry. Fast forward 5 years and Flow Technology sold rights to manufacture and market the Compact Prover to Brooks Instrument – a division of Emerson Electric Company, which relocated production to Statesboro, GA.

Introduced by Brooks to the manufacturing portfolio in 1982, the current Brodie International facility in Statesboro, Ga was the home of Compact Prover until it was transferred to Houston in 2004. During that time over 700 provers were passionately built by the engineering group, many of whom are still with the company today, under the direction of Product Manager, David Molloy (MR. COMPACT PROVER), Brodie’s Engineering Manager.

Completing the “full circle” or “homecoming” is very satisfying and we are proud to offer the world’s most popular Compact Prover to the marketplace under the name of Brodie International.

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  • Air Eliminators Air eliminators are designed to provide separation and elimination of air in metering systems. Installing air eliminators upstream of measurement devices ensures accurate measurement, whilst protecting all downstream system components.

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  • BiRotor Meter The Brodie Birotor Meter is a positive displacement meter utilized in the most demanding applications requiring accuracy, long life and ruggedness. The legacy Birotor is available in two configurations, integral mechanical registration or electronic pulse output. The mechanical meter utilizes a gear train located outside the measuring unit chamber[…]

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  • BiRotor Plus Meter The Brodie BiRotor Plus positive displacement meter is designed for accurate measurement of petroleum liquids in a variety of applications. The double case design combines the rugged durability and long service life of the traditional BiRotor meter with the improved accuracy and reliable pulse output demanded by today’s industry[…]

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  • Compact Prover The Brodie Compact Prover provides high accuracy, rapid operation and continuous flow for proving a flow meter in an operational line. Designed per API MPMS Chapter 4 standards, the Brodie Compact Prover can be utilized to verify the accuracy of almost any liquid flowmeter type, including positive displacement,[…]

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  • Oval Gear Meter The Brodie Oval Gear Flowmeters are positive displacement meters designed for use in the Chemical Processing, Industrial, Food and Beverage, and Hydrocarbon processing industries. Utilizing precision matched oval gears for exact liquid measurement, these high-performance meters are virtually unaffected by changes in viscosity and maintain accuracy even[…]

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