BioGas / RNG / LNG

BioGas, Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) and Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) must be filtered, processed, analyzed and metered on its path from production to market. At Davis & Davis we specialize in treatment and measurement equipment for these challenging applications. We have experience providing level instrumentation and engineered sampling equipment for landfill, dairy farm, pig farm and LNG applications.

  • Renewable Natural Gas (RNG): pipeline-quality natural gas (biomethane) derived from processing, cleaning and treating raw biogas; primarily from landfills, wastewater treatment plants, and animal manure. It is interchangeable with natural gas and carbon neutral.
  • Renewable Hydrogen or Green Hydrogen: hydrogen produced without emitting greenhouse gases as a by-product. It can be generated from renewable electricity by electrolysis, from biogas by steam reforming, and biomass through thermal conversion.
  • Blue hydrogen is created from fossil sources, where the carbon emissions are captured and stored. Green hydrogen is made from non-fossil sources and favored by policy makers who are wary of keeping the fossil economy going, even with CCS. As more regions commit to hydrogen, finding the right cost-optimal mix is crucial to its success.

Here are brief descriptions for the main renewable gas sources.

ANAEROBIC DIGESTION: Biogas is primarily produced by the biological breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen—a process known as anaerobic digestion. Feed materials include biomass, manure, sewage, plants and plant waste, grease trap contents, and the organic fraction of municipal solid waste (MSW). This type of biogas is
composed of methane and carbon dioxide.
BIOMASS GASIFICATION: Another type of biogas, syngas, is created using biomass feed materials in a process known as gasification. The resulting synthesis gas is composed primarily of hydrogen, nitrogen, and carbon monoxide with trace amounts of methane. Biomass gasifiers are reactors that heat biomass in a low-oxygen environment. The gas produced can drive highly efficient devices such as turbines and fuel cells to generate electricity.
LANDFILL GAS RECOVERY: Gas recovery from landfills is a third means of producing biogas. In the U.S., over 400 landfills presently recover methane, which forms as waste decomposes in low-oxygen conditions. A landfill gas-to-energy system consists of a series of wells drilled into the landfill. A piping system connects the wells and collects the

We can provide online gas chromatograph, H2S, Total Sulfur, Moisture and Oxygen analysis for treated receipt point gas either before or after compression. Raw untreated gas can be collected via YZ composite sampling to provide before treatment laboratory analysis to monitor the effectiveness of the treatment process to meet pipeline tariff quality regulations.

Here is simple diagram put together by MUSTANG Sampling.

MUSTANG Sampling Bio Gas Equipment

Here is our modular version of a skid setup to analyze raw landfill gas for Oxygen, Moisture and H2S. We use a light industrial pump/compressor to increase the zero pressure/vacuum pipeline condition to 30-50 PSIG so we can properly analyze the gas stream.

Bio Gas Sampling System

This skid was designed to fit inside an existing shelter through a standard size door frame. This skid can also be mounted outside in a warm climate with a sun shade.

We can also fabricate fully enclosed heated cabinets.


For applications requiring a fully integrated analyzer shelter we can design and build a ‘plug and play’ shelter with full electrical, engineered to meet your specific state requirements. We provide detailed documentation/data books, native 3D drawings, etc. Each system leaves the shop fully tested with calibration standards and operational gas cylinders.


We provide onsite commissioning and startup assistance along with ongoing technical support and locally stocked replacement and maintenance parts.

Tank Level Measurement

Tank storage plays a vital role in producing bio fuels and we can provide expertise for all your tank level measurement needs. Here is a descriptive brochure on our level capabilities.  41-184.0_renewable_energy_0

Contact us today to learn more about our solutions for your BioGas processing and custody transfer measurement needs.

  • ANALYZER BUILDING: Single or Multi-Room, Class 1 Div 1,2 Analyzer Shelters/CEMS Integration Packages are delivered with full electrical, tubing and testing, ready for installation and operation. We provide technical support, start-up and commissioning services with full system documentation on every project we deliver.  

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  • Hobre Prism RAMAN Spectroscopy Gas Analyzer Principle of Operation  The Hobré Raman can simultaneously measure C1..C5+, N2, H2, CO, CO2, H2O. Technologically wise, the Hobré Raman is a big step forward as it offers a combination of features not available in any other analyzer on the market, e.g.: High accuracy[…]

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  • Tisomic

    Hobré TISOMIC MKII- Series ( Class 1, Div. 2) Available models: MKII-W Shark, MKII-WLC Piranha, MKII-1 Marlin, MKII-2 Dolphin, MKII-3 Orca, MKII-4 Moray, MKII-5 Tigerfish, MKII-6 Whale • H2S ranges from O – 100 or 0 – 10,000 ppmV • CO2 range from 0 – 30% • H2O ranges from[…]

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  • Bio Gas Sampling System

    The Mustang® Bio-Gas Sample Conditioning System (MBGSCS) is designed for the bio-gas industry to maintain a representative sample of low pressure feed gas. For farm and agricultural waste operations renewable energy programs. REPS, renewable energy credits are available to landfill owners and farmers that are able to produce natural gas[…]

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  • SS500-Simple-Sample

    Overview SpectraSensors SS500 Simple Sample System analyzer is extremely reliable and tailored for the needs of the natural gas industry. The SS500 measures H2O using a patented Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) technology to determine the concentration of moisture without coming into physical contact with the stream. The SS500 is designed[…]

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  • YZ Systems DynaPak Gas Samplers

    YZ samplers are designed to deliver a representative sample of natural gas or light liquids. The DynaPak sampling system has become the industry standard in simplicity and reliability.  Whether sampling condensate on an offshore platform or natural gas on shore you can have confidence the Dynapak will provide years of[…]

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