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Daniel Measurement and Control > Emerson Process Management Flow Products

Daniel oil and gas fiscal flow measurement products meet or exceed international hydrocarbon measurement standards. From production to transportation to distribution, Daniel’s innovative products have proven their value in a wide range of demanding measurement applications.

Senior Orifice Fitting, Gas & Liquid Ultrasonic Meters, Liquid  Turbine Flow Meter, Orifice Meter tubes, Orifice Plates, Liquid Pre-set Computers, Compact Provers, Venturi meter tubes
-Metco/Daniel software, Flowel, FlowCheck and FlareCheck

Canada Pipeline Accessories CPA > Flow Conditioning

Dedicated to the improvement of flow measurement accuracy through the provision of leading-edge equipment and engineering services.

CPA 50E, 65E, TBR, flow conditioners, venturi nozzles, flow nozzles

Fluenta Flare Gas > Emissions Compliance Meters

Fluenta FGM 160 Flare Gas Meter

Why Ultrasonic? Unlike other technologies, ultrasonic measurement is not impacted by the composition of the gas flow. Fluenta transducers are non-intrusive, meaning they are less prone to the build-up of dirt and corrosion which can impact the measurement accuracy, and do not affect gas flow.

Magnetrol International > Flare Stack Flow Meters

The Thermatel® Model TA2 thermal mass flow transmitter, based on thermal dispersion technology, provides reliable mass measurement for air and gas flow applications.

MicroMotion > Coriolis Flow & Density Meters
Achieve precision measurement and process control with Micro Motion. Our Coriolis flow, density and viscosity meters deliver reliable, repeatable and compatible performance over a wide range of applications.
ELITE CMF, F-Series, 2700 & 5700 Transmitter, Solartron Liquid Densitometer

Data Industrial > Badger Meter

A leader in impeller products for industrial flow measurement technology since 1905, Badger Meter continues to be a key partner in helping public and private utilities and municipalities with their water management initiatives.

  • Fabricated Strainers • Gas or Liquid Service • APOLLO FV SERIES STRAINERS are widely used to remove solids from many different types of gas and liquid piping systems. In addition to the standard FV Series with slope top baskets, several other variations such as flat top baskets with offset nozzles[…]

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  • Apollo GFR Inline Gas Filter

    The GFR Series Gas Filter is a line supported unit that was designed for gas distribution applications. The single element, one entry design makes maintenance easy. Units are normally installed top up, but can be mounted in any orientation. New design incorporates element stabilization brackets to minimize extra wear on filter elements[…]

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  • Air Eliminators Air eliminators are designed to provide separation and elimination of air in metering systems. Installing air eliminators upstream of measurement devices ensures accurate measurement, whilst protecting all downstream system components.

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  • BiRotor Meter The Brodie Birotor Meter is a positive displacement meter utilized in the most demanding applications requiring accuracy, long life and ruggedness. The legacy Birotor is available in two configurations, integral mechanical registration or electronic pulse output. The mechanical meter utilizes a gear train located outside the measuring unit chamber[…]

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  • BiRotor Plus Meter The Brodie BiRotor Plus positive displacement meter is designed for accurate measurement of petroleum liquids in a variety of applications. The double case design combines the rugged durability and long service life of the traditional BiRotor meter with the improved accuracy and reliable pulse output demanded by today’s industry[…]

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  • Compact Prover The Brodie Compact Prover provides high accuracy, rapid operation and continuous flow for proving a flow meter in an operational line. Designed per API MPMS Chapter 4 standards, the Brodie Compact Prover can be utilized to verify the accuracy of almost any liquid flowmeter type, including positive displacement,[…]

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  • Oval Gear Meter The Brodie Oval Gear Flowmeters are positive displacement meters designed for use in the Chemical Processing, Industrial, Food and Beverage, and Hydrocarbon processing industries. Utilizing precision matched oval gears for exact liquid measurement, these high-performance meters are virtually unaffected by changes in viscosity and maintain accuracy even[…]

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  • CPA MSMA Mixer

    CPA Flo2Gether Static Mixers Multi Stage Mixer Assembly, CPA MSMA  Dual plate construction designed to achieve full mixing within 5D of mixer outlet.  Optimized for horizontal mixing applications when a vertical mixing loop is not being utilized.  Specifically designed for use with fluids that do not readily[…]

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