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Process Vision – Pipeline Contamination Detection

Analytical Equipment, Natural Gas & Liquid Sampling

See introductory videos below. Click here for more info. LineVu | Tackling a Process Engineers Worst Case ScenarioInnovation Technology for better efficiency in natural gas systemsImproving safety, improving profits Click here to viewJune 2021 LineVu | New Technology to Detect Contamination at Custody Transfer Points Innovation Technology for better efficiency in natural gas systemsImproving safety, improving[…]

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MTL Sum5

MTL Intrinsic Safety / SUM5 Marshalling

Hazardous Area Electronics

Join us for a comprehensive overview on the MTL Intrinsic Safety Product Line and new product updates including SUM5. Thursday June 3 @ 10 AM Mountain Add to Calendar Preset on MTL’s Intrinsic Safety Products primarily focusing on Barriers and Isolator Products. What is SUM5?  MTL to provide an overview[…]

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CPA Static Mixer Install

CPA Launches Static Mixer

Coriolis, Daniel Measurement, Liquid Flow

2 flavors for your static mixing needs for improving your measurement and sampling of hydrocarbon fluids. The Multi Stage MSMA is specifically designed for use with fluids that do not readily mix together, IE, oil in water. The SSRVM Single Stage mixing plate is designed for fluids with less stratification[…]

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CATCO Catalytic Heaters



Replace your catalytic heater today! CATCO’s Summer Replacement Program is back. How it works? Identify problem heaters, collect heater information, send in your old heater, & receive your new one. Not a CATCO? No problem! CATCO can refurbish any brand of catalytic heater as long as the unit is free[…]

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Emerson DANIEL 3418 8-Path Ultrasonic Meter

Daniel Measurement

The new Daniel 3418 8-Path Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meter, 3418 8-Path Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meter, designed and developed by Emerson offers the highest level of accuracy – R-137 OIML Accuracy Class 0.5. Delivering superior performance with no limitations, no exceptions, no compromise. Watch Now › View more info on DANIEL[…]

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Surge Protection Game Changer! – NEC Code Change Requiring Surge Protection on Safety Circuits

Hazardous Area Electronics, Instrumentation

New Requirements Protect Safety Devices From Failing Due to Electrical Surges Until now, there were no surge-protection requirements for industrial machinery. If a surge impacted safety equipment electronics and caused failure, machine operators may not know. Recent NFPA 70: National Electrical Code (NEC) updates, however, change the rules for compliance.[…]

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