Canada Pipeline Accessories

Canada Pipeline Accessories is dedicated to the improvement of flow measurement accuracy through the provision of leading-edge equipment and engineering services. This includes the custom design and manufacture of flow conditioners, venturi nozzles, flow nozzles and custom items not otherwise available. We also offer private consultation on meter station designs and metering problems with the use of our extensive fluid dynamic experience and computational fluid dynamics resources. CPA flow conditioners and products are applicable for many measurement fluid scenarios; natural gas, air, water, liquid petroleum and many others. Our experience, knowledge and commitment assure our customers of expert solutions to all of their flow measurement and meter station requirements.



For maximizing the repeatability, minimizing the uncertainty of volumetric flow meter performance and minimizing the length of meter runs. READ MORE


Available as sonic nozzles for overspeed protection of flow meters or ASME-3M/ISO 5167 venturis for high recovery dP measurement. READ MORE


Computational Fluid Dynamics services for designing, verifying and diagnosing meter runs and meter performance. CPA also offers engineering, drawing and consulting services for part design and regulatory approval applications.


CPA also offers a wide range of pipeline accessories such as spacer plates, lifting tabs, FloAlign tabs, gaskets and many others. READ MORE


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