Rapid Analysis of H2O, H2S, CO2 and O2 in Natural Gas Quality


SpectraSensors, Inc. is a leading global provider of laser-based on-line field analytical instrumentation for process control and monitoring applications. SpectraSensors was formed in 1999 as a technology spin-off of NASA-Caltech Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The Company’s products are specifically designed to improve process efficiency, throughput, safety, for natural gas production, transport, storage, distribution, gas processing, refining, petrochemical, specialty gas production and atmospheric monitoring for weather prediction.

Gas Processing / LNG Products by SpectraSensors

Proven sample extraction, pre‑conditioning, and transport solutions…
Sample extraction: Probes equipped with membrane separators and coalescing filters remove entrained particles, liquids and oil. A dynamic reflux sampler can be used in more challenging applications.
Pre-conditioning system: Heated probes and pressure regulators designed for adiabatic sampling of process streams. Sample transport: Insulated, weather-resistant tubing assemblies transport gas samples at a controlled, uniform temperature from a process sampling point to the inlet of a gas analyzer. The construction of these tubing assemblies helps eliminate the effects of ambient temperature extremes and diurnal and seasonal temperature changes on gas samples.

Natural Gas Production Products by SpectraSensors

SpectraSensors TDL Analyzers for Refinery Gases Accurate and Reliable Measurement of H2S and H2O

Refinery Products by SpectraSensors

Non-contact Measurement The laser and solid state detector components of TDL analyzers are isolated and protected from the process gas and entrained contaminants flowing through the sample cell. This design avoids the fouling, corrosion, and memory effects associated with P2O5 and Al2O3 moisture sensors, ensuring reliable long-term operation.