SpectraSensors OXY5500 Oxygen Analyzer


SpectraSensors OXY5500 Oxygen Analyzer is the next generation of the industry leading technology for online and portable O2 monitors, the OXY4400. A compact, stand-alone one-channel meter with an LCD display and built-in data logger. The chemiluminescence based sensor probe is inserted into the process stream and is connected to the controller by an optical fiber. Full Sample Conditioning Systems are available with the OXY5500, as well as software for PC interface.

Low Maintenance

The analyzer uses an optical method that detects oxygen using a probe that is inserted into the gas stream. The probe can be easily cleaned and has a lifetime measured in years. Calibration of the analyzer is a simple procedure that can be performed in minutes using a binary standard with oxygen in nitrogen.

Accurate and Reliable

OXY5500 technology is ideally suited for measuring in Natural Gas and Gas Processing applications.
The sensor is not affected by even high levels of H2S or other sulfur species. There is no cross sensitivity to contaminants such as Methanol, Glycol, CO2 or other gases in natural gas. The response times to increases in oxygen concentrations as well as quick return to baseline after O2 spikes are much quicker than competing technologies.

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