Fluenta Flare


To comply with safety regulations and government emissions standards, flare stacks need to be monitored. Fluenta has more than 30 years’ expertise in the accurate measurement of flare gas. Using ultrasound technology combined with bespoke measurement techniques, Fluenta’s products are recognized globally for their accuracy and reliability.


Upgrading to Fluenta without the hassle

Downtime on your installed ultrasonic metering solution costs money. If you are not happy with your existing, upgrade to Fluenta’s ultrasonic measuring solution to eliminate downtimes and enable accurate reliable measurement to maintain compliance with national and international standards.

Fluenta offers to retrofit your existing installation with our own meters, without any shutdown or mechanical work required. The swift installation and commissioning further reduces downtime, in turn saving money limiting exposure to regulatory action.

Fluenta Flare Retrofit

The oil and gas industry has to deal with some of the most dangerous and toxic materials in often challenging and hostile environments. Safety and accuracy are not only essential prerequisites to successful projects, these values are ingrained into the DNA of the oil and gas industry.
Oil and gas platforms need to release gases safely. This may be to reduce sudden increases in pressure, or to ensure safe plant start-ups or shut-downs.

Releasing potentially toxic gases into the air is more risky and less environmentally safe than burning gas through a flare stack. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States has estimated that when gas is flared rather than vented, the emissions of volatile organic chemicals and hazardous air pollutants could be reduced by around a factor of 4.

Fluenta’s products have been deployed thousands of times across the globe including with trusted oil and gas brands such as BP, Exxon, Shell, Equinor, and Total.


Measurement is the first step to control

Featuring dual ultrasound measurement modes in the form of a “continuous wave” which uses a signal of constant frequency and amplitude and the advanced “chirp” signal processing mode in which time varying signals are used, to ensure that the high measurement accuracy is maintained over a wide range of flow velocities.

The TFS ultrasonic transducers may be Fluenta’s most basic offering, but they do not fall short when it comes to performance. Working on the time-of-flight principle, they offer a non-intrusive method of measurement designed to be used in difficult and rapidly changing conditions. Fluenta is able to offer laboratory levels of precision in the field by featuring dual ultrasound measurement modes, one of them being the advanced “chirp” signal processing mode in which time varying signals are used, to ensure that the high measurement accuracy (as high as ±1%) is maintained over a wide range of flow velocities.

Fluenta transducers help the user to future-proof their installation, as although current regulations typically ask for 5% accuracy, with greater control over flaring being the long-term goal, regulations will inevitably tighten. And measurement is the first step to control!

Flare gas measurement is one of the most difficult applications that we face in today’s total emission accountability climate. Changing gas composition, extreme velocity, flow and temperature ranges make it hard to maintain meter accuracy. There are a number of lower cost options that can provide a number for reporting but Fluenta has proven to be the industry leader in range of process conditions and repeatability.

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