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Rosemount Analytical > Daniel > Danalyzer Natural Gas and Liquid Chromatographs

Emerson Process Management’s Rosemount Analytical Process Gas Chromatographs are uniquely designed to provide extended analysis on the pipeline, in processing plants and offer reliability to meet EPA requirements for CEMS applications.

Model 500 Gas Chromatograph370XA700XA, 1500XA, 2350A Controller

Hobré Analyzer Solutions > H2O, H2S, CO2 TDL & CH4 Analyzers

The TISOMIC®™ with photo acoustic tunable laser diode (PA-TDL)
technology is an extreme low maintenance analyzer for a wide variety of
applications to monitor levels at all stages.


SpectraSensors an Endress+Hauser Company > H2O, H2S, CO2 TDL & O2 Analyzers

SS500, SS1000, SS2000, SS2100, OXY4400, OXY5500

Mustang Sampling > Heated Regulators and Sample Delivery Systems

Mustang Sampling® designs and manufactures sample conditioning systems (SCS) and products that enhance the accuracy of your sampling system with patented features. Our innovative designs are world renown throughout the liquid and gas industries. From portable sampling systems to liquid natural gas, our regulators, sample conditioning systems, and vaporizers are a crucial part of offsetting Joule-Thomson cooling and enhancing your sampling system structure.


Teledyne Instruments > Fuel Cell Oxygen Analyzers 

Teledyne Analytical Instruments is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of gas and liquid analyzers for industrial, OEM, and medical applications.

OT3, 3300TB, INSTA-TRANS, 3020P, 8800B, 3020T, A2C, B3, B2C

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    The 1500XA Gas Chromatograph is an air-bath style GC engineered for complex applications requiring multiple detectors and parallel chromatography. The 1500XA is ideal for your natural gas processing applications where instrument air is available and requires higher oven temperatures than are available in a heat-sink design. As with other Danalyzer’s, the 1500XA is rated for 0 to 130 °F (-15 to 55 °C) operation, providing the most stable analysis for an air-bath oven and reducing your installation and utility costs significantly.

    BTU and 0-300 PPM H2S measurements are used for EPA Federal Regulation 40 CFR part 60, subpart Ja compliance where Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems are required by the EPA.

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  • The Danalyzer 370XA is designed to simplify natural gas measurement analysis in Fiscal and Custody Transfer applications and improve the measurement performance of your C6+ BTU/CV analysis.

    A unique benefit to the 370XA is its Maintainable Module™ technology, which allows the operator to easily replace the GC module in the field in under two hours, greatly reducing downtime and overall operating costs.

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  • The Danalyzer 500 Gas Chromatograph is the industry’s most trusted analyzer for natural gas custody transfer applications. This air-less heat-sink style GC has a unique “open-oven” design that is also ideal for very rich gases or natural gas liquids (NGL) that require very high temperature heating for the sample lines.[…]

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  • Model 770XA

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    The Danalyzer 700XA Gas Chromatograph is an air-less heat-sink style gas chromatograph with dual-detector/parallel analysis capabilities in a rugged explosion-proof housing suitable for installations in extreme conditions. The 700XA Gas Chromatograph provides you the most accurate custody transfer measurement available with extended analysis options (including the C9+ with hydrocarbon dew point calculations) for complex natural gas measurement.

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  • A+ Genie Probe Regulator (GPR)

    The GPR™ consists of a housing and a membrane-tipped probe regulator. The housing is installed in a depressurized pipeline through a vertically mounted thread-o-let or flange, and contains a “foot valve” in its lower end. Inserting the probe into the housing opens the “foot valve”, allowing pipeline gas to flow[…]

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  • Space Heating – 12×24, 12,000 BTU/hr Model 90-1224S1G-40   Specifications Approximate Weight: 13.8 lbs BTU/hr Input: 12,000 Fuel Gas: Natural Gas Gas Consumption (NG): 12.0 SCFH Heater Size: 12 x 24 Heater Voltage: 12 Volt Start Starting Amps: 16.7

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  • Hobre Prism RAMAN Spectroscopy Gas Analyzer Principle of Operation  The Hobré Raman can simultaneously measure C1..C5+, N2, H2, CO, CO2, H2O. Technologically wise, the Hobré Raman is a big step forward as it offers a combination of features not available in any other analyzer on the market, e.g.: High accuracy[…]

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  • Tisomic

    Hobré TISOMIC MKII- Series ( Class 1, Div. 2) Available models: MKII-W Shark, MKII-WLC Piranha, MKII-1 Marlin, MKII-2 Dolphin, MKII-3 Orca, MKII-4 Moray, MKII-5 Tigerfish, MKII-6 Whale • H2S ranges from O – 100 or 0 – 10,000 ppmV • CO2 range from 0 – 30% • H2O ranges from[…]

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