Emerson Rosemount Flow


Rosemount Ultrasonic flow meters measure volumetric flow and are commonly in custody transfer and fiscal oil and gas operations. This meter is commonly referred to as the Daniel Ultrasonic meter as the technology was developed under the Daniel brand formerly owned by Emerson.

At Davis & Davis we provide complete Ultrasonic meter tubes with CPA flow conditioners, upstream and downstream spools, pressure and temperature transmitters and can package them on complete skids with weatherproof buildings.

Gas Combo USM

The Rosemount 3410 gas ultrasonic flow  measurement products are used around the world in a variety of critical gas measurement applications. Commonly installed in onshore and offshore production facilities, natural gas transmission pipelines, compressor stations, processing facilities and city gates, these products are also useful for applications that consume large volumes of natural gas as a fuel or feedstock such as power generation, refining, processing and petrochemical industries.

Check out our latest video discussing the suitability of ultrasonic meters for Hydrogen measurement.