Hobré Analyzer Solutions

Hobré is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing, marketing and maintenance of on-line analyzers and sampling solutions. Since 1978 we focus on continuous process improvements for our customers in the Oil, Gas, (Petro)Chemical, Steel, Power generation, Metal Recycling & Refining, Renewables and Dairy industries.

Oil and Gas production, processing and transporting utilize our capabilities for online monitoring to include hydrogen sulfide (H2S), moisture H2O) and carbon dioxide  (CO2).

Additionally, we are the only manufacturer that can provide analysis of sulphur treatment (before and after sulphur removal) or at drying towers with a single analyzer. Hobré’s TISOMIC ensure the right gas quality is delivered at the lowest cost, while assuring pipeline integrity and safety. Comparable systems are delivered for midstream compliance and metering applications.

With our proprietary products we can measure almost all elements in liquids and molecules in gasses. Our WIM COMPAS also provides BTU analytical solutions for instant fast and reliable analysis of all the above with our Hobré HIFISC-system with “zero dead volume” realizing almost instant response time. All our products are engineered for high reliability, low maintenance, communications and control.

TISOMIC WAVE™ software

The operating software is based on the Hobré WAVE™ software package which comes along with the TISOMIC®™.  The WAVE™ software can be used for remote operation and control of the analyzer through the MODBUS TCP/IP connection on the analyzer.


Hobré H2S measurement in liquid phase with no need for costly vaporizers.

Hobré systems are ideal for H2S measurement in head-space, liquids (Crude oil, Condensate, (Waste)Water) as well as measuring Sulphur, Salt (Cl), Silicon and metals in crude or waste waters. All enabling increasing productivity while reducing environmental and safety risks.

  • Hobre Prism RAMAN Spectroscopy Gas Analyzer Principle of Operation  The Hobré Raman can simultaneously measure C1..C5+, N2, H2, CO, CO2, H2O. Technologically wise, the Hobré Raman is a big step forward as it offers a combination of features not available in any other analyzer on the market, e.g.: High accuracy[…]

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  • Tisomic

    Hobré TISOMIC MKII- Series ( Class 1, Div. 2) Available models: MKII-W Shark, MKII-WLC Piranha, MKII-1 Marlin, MKII-2 Dolphin, MKII-3 Orca, MKII-4 Moray, MKII-5 Tigerfish, MKII-6 Whale • H2S ranges from O – 100 or 0 – 10,000 ppmV • CO2 range from 0 – 30% • H2O ranges from[…]

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