Burgess-Aarding Thermal Acoustics is part of the gas division in the Ceco Environmental Group. Aarding Thermal Acoustics engineers and manufactures Gas Turbine Exhaust Systems, Acoustical Components, Dampers and Expansion Joints. Both new systems as well as upgrades and retrofits.

Our customers are gas turbine manufacturers (OEM), boiler suppliers, power producers, EPC contractors or end users. Whether a problem can be solved from our standard products line or needs a tailor made solution, Aarding Thermal Acoustics takes control from design to installation. Even for complex turn-key retrofit projects.
Burgess-Manning industrial silencers are used throughout the world to control the noise associated with a wide range of industrial processes. Our product offering includes vent silencers, blow-down silencers, engine silencers, blower intake silencers, gas turbine silencers, vacuum pump silencers, centrifugal compressor silencers, discharge silencers, rotary positive blower silencers, centrifugal compressor silencers and more. Our current stock industrial silencer program includes standard designs for engine silencers, blower silencers, and compressor silencer applications as well as industrial separators/silencers for vacuum pump applications. We also offer custom silencer designs that can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your application.

Burgess-Manning Industrial Silencers typically fall into the following categories:

  • Absorptive – Generally used to attenuate high frequency noise. Silencer shells are lined with absorptive material to dissipate the acoustic energy. Typical designs use mineral wool, fiberglass, polyester or metallic scrubble as the absorptive material. Burgess-Manning offers packing that is suitable for Oxygen service and also offers its patented “SSF technology” for severe service.
  • Reactive – Generally used to attenuate low frequency noise. Acoustic barriers within the silencer are used to reflect noise energy back to the source. Perforated or slotted baffletubes connect each chamber for effective broad-band, low-frequency performance. Acoustical performance is a function of overall volume and the configuration of the silencer internals.
  • Absorptive/Reactive – Combines absorptive and reactive designs to cover a broader range of frequencies to improve overall performance.
  • Inhibitive – Generally used to prevent noise in pressure reduction applications typically encountered in vent or process piping systems. Impedance devices are used to dissipate acoustic energy at the source, eliminating the need for additional noise reduction components. Burgess Manning offers several products that feature “advanced micro-diffusion” which can substantially reduce the size and weight that would normally be required using the Absorptive/Reactive approach.

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