SpectraSensors SS2100 TDL Analyzers


SpectraSensors SS2100 Gas Analyzers are exceptionally reliable for measuring trace gas components using Tunable Laser Diode (TDL) technology. TDL absorption spectroscopy is a high-resolution infrared technique that enables the measurement of specific gases with precision while avoiding interferences that are common with traditional infrared analyzers. The SS2100 is certified for CSA Class I Division 2.

Simple Operation

The operation of the analyzer is very straightforward. Most technical personnel can learn to operate the system in a very brief time. Coupled with the fact the analyzer has very little maintenance requirements, the end result is an extremely low cost of ownership.
At the same time, technical support capability is a crucial element of the product design. There are several health monitoring parameters and remote access is available using AMS100™ software or directly through the touch sensitive keypad.


Trustworthy measurements are vital in process analytical applications. The TDL sensor is unaffected by contaminants and corrosives since the gas stream never touches the laser or detector. The SS2100 requires little maintenance and does not need recalibration or periodic replacement parts due to the inherent stability of TDL technology.

Simple Installation

The SS2100 is easy to install; connect the power, data link and measured gas line and the analyzer begins working without the need for extensive calibrations or setup.
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