Mustang® TrueProbe® Sample Extractor

Mustang® TrueProbe® Sample Extractor

The Mustang  TrueProbe sample extractor extracts a wet natural gas sample where it contacts a cylindrical cross-flow membrane filter.  A hollow Teflon filter blocks all liquid and particulates allowing clean, dry sample gas to pass through to the head of the probe to provide a moisture-free, representative gas sample to an analyzer.  

The Mustang True Probe design takes advantage of Bernoulli’s Principle of fluid dynamics to provide an internal fast loop within the probe. Continuous gas analysis of wet sample streams has always presented a challenge in the natural gas industry.  Condensed moisture in the sample line can result in corrosion, measurement error, continual maintenance costs, and damage to the analyzer.  The Mustang True Probe provides reliable protection of valuable analytical equipment  from moisture.


  • Large surface area cross-flow in-situ membrane filter
  • Retraction and Sealing design
  • High-pressure wet gas sample inlet
  • Low pressure moisture outlets
  • Clean, dry sample outlet
  • Internal block and bleed shut-off
  • Double o-ring seals
  • Self-cleaning design


  • Reliable protection of valuable analytical equipment from moisture
  • Increased uptime and accuracy of critical measurements
  • Quick response to changing process conditions when compared to dead-end filter designs
  • Probe isolation from process before a filter change can be performed
  • Low maintenance


Maximum Pressure Rating 4000 psig (275 BAR)
Temperature Range -20 to 200 F (-29 to 93 C)
Sensor Body Material 316/316L Stainless Steel NACE Compliant to MRO 175/ISO 15156
Filter Material Expanded Teflon®
Filter Area 1.18 in2 (4” Sensor), 2.36 in2 (7, 9, 12” Sensor)
Outlet Connection 1/8” FNPT
Probe Length 4 inch
7 inch
9 inch
Seal Options Viton® Extreme
Kalrez FFKM
Process Connection Options 0.75 inch MNPT (Standard)
1 inch MNPT