MUSTANG BIO-GAS Online Sampling System MBGSCS

The Mustang® Bio-Gas Sample Conditioning System (MBGSCS) is designed for the bio-gas industry to maintain a representative sample of low pressure feed gas. For farm and agricultural waste operations renewable energy programs. REPS, renewable energy credits are available to landfill owners and farmers that are able to produce natural gas for onsite power and feed gas to processing plants and transmission gas. There are tight specifications on the composition of the gas that requires treatment, analysis and metering for their raw digester gas output.

The patent-pending design obtains a sample through the Mustang® Sample Conditioning System – P53 & Pony® Heated Probe Enclosure system utilizing a patented power connection and offsets the effects of Joule-Thomson cooling.

Return on investment is maximized by ensuring optimal performance of customer-specified (depending on the level of bio-gas cleaning and end use of the gas) gas analyzers.

  • Analytically Accurate®
  • Patented-pending technology delivers a heated sample to the analytical device utilizing existing power supplied by heat trace sample tubing
  • Ensures optimal performance of gas analyzers
  • Ensures safety of farmers, residential gas users, pipeline operators
  • BTU, H2S, Oxygen, Siloxane, etc.
  • Maintains gas at least 30°F above the expected hydrocarbon dew point.
  • Rated for Class 1, Group D, Div 2 locations
  • Handles low pressure and/or vacuum conditions, pumps and filters sample gas for injection into analyzers.
  • Softview Software available for real time monitoring and control.