YZ Systems DynaPak Gas Samplers

YZ samplers are designed to deliver a representative sample of natural gas or light liquids. The DynaPak sampling system has become the industry standard in simplicity and reliability.  Whether sampling condensate on an offshore platform or natural gas on shore you can have confidence the Dynapak will provide years of dependable service.

The DP-2000 pump is the most reliable sample pump in the industry. Model DP-2010 and DP-3010 offer:

  • Operation
    • Proportional to flow
    • Proportional to time
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Battery operated with optional low cost solar panel power


  • Ansi 900 or 1500 design
  • Severe service elastomers
  • Solar or AC power
  • API 14.1 heated enclosure
  • Constant volume sample cylinders
  • Constant pressure sample cylinders
  • Static mixer & spool pieces