DANIEL Liquid Turbine Flow Meter

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Widely preferred for their low-cost of installation, maintenance and ownership, Daniel liquid turbine flow meters offer high accuracy and repeatable measurement under the most demanding conditions of custody transfer applications. Typical installations include crude oil and refined product pipelines, marketing terminals, tank farms as well as mobile operations.

Highly accurate measurement is achieved by using a bladed rotor that turns at a speed proportional to rate of flow. The rotation of the rotor is sensed by electrical pickoffs mounted on the meter body, generating a pulsing voltage. The total number of pulses collected over a period of time represents the metered volume.

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  • Daniel Liquid PT Turbine Meter

    Used extensively in the petroleum industry, the Daniel PT Turbine Flow Meter has a simple configuration for higher flow rates and extended flow range.
  • CRA Turbine Meter Daniel CRA Liquid Turbine Meter

    This commercial rated turbine flow meter is perfect for high pressure systems delivering corrosive and non-corrosive liquids.
  • Daniel Preamplifiers

    Used with all Daniel turbine flow meters, Daniel Flow Meter Universal Preamplifier converts the flow meter’s low-voltage signal to high-voltage pulses.
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