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Product Bulletin – MTLx582B now released for sale

Hazardous Area Electronics

RTD/RTD isolator for DIN-rail mounting

MTL Intrinsic Safety

We are pleased to announce that the following products from the Intrinsic Safety range are now released for sale. The new and improved Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) isolators include:

  • MTL5582B – RTD/RTD isolator for DIN-rail mounting
  • MTL4582B – RTD/RTD isolator for backplane mounting

Key features:

  • RTD Pt100 sensor connection for 2/3/4 wire
  • Measuring system connection can also be 2/3/4 wire
  • Optimised safety description for embedded sensors

The new model is intended for use in temperature measurement and overcomes previous application problems. It differs from the temperature converters in the range, such as the MTLx575, by regenerating the field sensor signal on the safe side of the isolator.

Instead of converting the temperature measurement to a 4-20mA signal, the output of the isolator tries to mirror the resistive characteristics of the input.

The MTL5582B is an enhanced replacement for both the MTL5582 and the older MTL5082. The MTL4582B is a new model for projects that require signal interfaces mounted on backplanes.

Note: The MTL5582B applications for DIN-rail mounting RTD/RTD isolators requiring ATEX or IECEx certification.

Click HERE to download the datasheet which is also available on the website.