MTL ZoneDefender PRO

MTL Surge Technologies
ZoneDefender PRO

???? 80kA to 240kA surge current rating per phase
???? Includes high-performance EMI/RFI filtering
???? LED status indication via solid state diagnostics plus remote indication contacts
???? Built-in audible alarm
???? Thermal and short circuit fusing
???? Short circuit current rating: 100k AIC
???? UL 1449 2nd Edition Listed
???? 10 year product warranty

The ZoneDefender PRO Series is a versatile, high performance surge protector designed for use in a wide variety of industrial, institutional and commercial applications. The ZoneDefender PRO is the most compact, powerful, feature-rich surge protector on the market today. State-of-the-art circuitry protects equipment from high frequency
noise as well as from damaging electrical transients and high-energy disturbances. In addition, the ZoneDefender PRO Series offers cost-effective high capacity protection along with application versatility; features which
make the Series the ultimate surge protection solution.

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