GIZMO Engineering – Drum & Tank Alarms

Gizmo Engineering creates unique, durable liquid level controls meant to simplify liquid level control and timing.

Our products were born in the electroplating industry where everything is continually exposed to acid and caustic mists and splashes.

We built our products from the ground up to survive this demanding environment.

We utilize battery power extensively because its uninterruptible, and faster to install.  Low-power circuits give years of operation on a single battery.

Better than it is has to be…

  • Everything waterproof.
  • Corrosion proof.
  • Float switches protected inside a float guard.

High Level Drum Alarm

Our overfill alarms for drums lets you pump liquids into chemical drums and containers without having to check the level.

When the level gets above the float switch, a loud buzzer sounds and LED flashes to let you know.

Drum_alarms - DHA-5-PNG.png

Low Level Drum Alarm

MONITOR LOW LIQUID LEVEL IN DRUMS continuously with the Drumalarm™.

Quick and easy to install – simply connect the battery and your liquid suction line and you’re ready to go!

Gizmo drum alarm low

THE TANK LEVEL ALARM prevents overfilling of liquids by sounding an alarm when liquid level changes the position of the float switch.

Very easy to install – just screw the tank-mount into the tank fitting.  Battery powered units need no wiring, no electricians.

Gizmo Tank Alarms

We have extended our drum level technologies to provide better tank level alarm and control products.

For example all our tank alarms include float guards to guarantee the float switches cannot get damaged.

We use PTFE float switches instead of PP for superior chemical resistance.  We offer battery power for easy installation.

Our power sipping circuitry lasts up to 20 years.  All of our tank alarms fit into a 1″ hole.

INTRINSICALLY SAFE TANK LEVEL ALARM alerts if liquid level is high or low with a loud beeping and flashing.

Model IS-T


When there is a high or low level condition, the buzzer sounds and the beacon LED will flash.

In the default mode, the user presses the button to silence the buzzer, and the LED continues to flash as a reminder.

The 101 dB buzzer has a unique warbling sound cuts through factory noise so it will be heard.

Different behaviors are field-selectable using DIP switches on the circuit board. Choose from:

  • 30-minute snooze alarm, (on/off)
  • tank filling mode (where it shuts off LED and buzzer until the next fill up)
  • auto/manual reset after level corrected
  • relay N.O./N.C.
  • relay output delayed 15 minutes