Rosemount 370XA Compact GC Enclosure

CSA Class I, Division 1 pre-packaged 370XA Enclosure System provides weatherproof, heated stand for remote GC locations and plants with limited real estate.

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Because of its rugged engineering design and reliability, the Rosemount 370XA gas chromatograph is capable of withstanding extreme environmental conditions, which is why it is often installed in remote and isolated locations and left to operate unattended for long periods of time.

However, depending on the installation location, these extreme conditions may cause the gas in the sample system to fall below the Hydrocarbon Dew Point of the gas, causing liquid fallout and inaccurate flow measurement. Having the analyzer, sample system and gas canisters exposed also leaves them vulnerable to potential tampering, vandalism or theft.

To mitigate these risks, an optional 370XA Enclosure System is now offered as a fully-integrated turn-key solution

The Danalyzer 370XA is designed to simplify natural gas measurement analysis in Fiscal and Custody Transfer applications and improve the measurement performance of your C6+ BTU/CV analysis.

A unique benefit to the 370XA is its Maintainable Module™ technology, which allows the operator to easily replace the GC module in the field in under two hours, greatly reducing downtime and overall operating costs.

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