MUSTANG Intelligent LNG Vaporizer Sample System

Mustang Intelligent Vaporizer Sample System® – Model 2

The Mustang Intelligent Vaporizer Sampling System® (Model 2) is a technology designed to vaporize liquid natural gas (LNG) providing a fresh sample to a continuous online analyzer.

This system is designed with enhanced sample quality, through controlled vaporization and remixing, accomplished through 4 stages.

In order for the analyzer to meet it’s stated accuracy, the Mustang Intelligent Vaporizer Sampling System® ensures the sample to the analyzer is in a stable composition. The single-path design (Model 2) is suitable for areas such as storage and transfer where redundancy is not a concern.

  • – Analytically Accurate® Technology
  • – Conforms to ISO 8943
  • – CSA approved for New Brunswick Providence
  • – ATEX/IEC Ex & cETLus Certifiable
  • – Continuous gas flow design eliminating post-vaporization hydrocarbon liquid dropout
  • – Accurate and reliable BTU measurements by your GC
  • – Installs at offloading pipeline and other terminal measurement locations
  • – Integral flow restrictor on inlet
  • – Optional software for operating, monitoring, trending, and reporting

LNG Applications:

Plum Energy

  • Marine bunkering
  • Peak shaving plants
  • Mining
  • Long haul trucking
  • Railroad
  • Export facilities

The Mustang® Composite Sampling System (MCSS) is a continuous waterless type sampling system that provides a representative gas composition sample by taking small bite size samples over a period of time. The MCSS consists of the HMI/SCADA control software and the composite sampling system. Sample pumps, the grab sample cylinders, and the composite sample system are housed within the system. The control station houses the PLC which controls all solenoid valves and indicator lights.

The MCSS grabs a fresh, 0.5 cc, sample every second, storing it in the accumulator for future analysis. Once sampling is complete, the composite sample can be transferred to the portable sample cylinders for lab analysis. The MCSS has three purging options which include an accumulator with an internal bladder, vacuum pump, or venturi vacuum generation. The accumulator is then emptied and the system reset for the next ship.