Varec 2500 Automatic Tank Level Gauge

The 2500 Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) is a mechanically operated, float & tape instrument designed to provide continuous liquid level measurement in bulk storage applications. This simple and reliable instrument has been used for managing inventory in the oil and gas industry for the past 90 years.


Product Gravity Range
0.7 to 1.9 g/cc (700‐1900 kg/m³) specific gravity
Service Rating
Aluminum — Atmospheric to 2.5 PSI (17.2 kPa) gauge pressure
Cast Iron — Atmospheric to 10 PSI (68.95 kPa) gauge pressure

2520 ATG for high pressure applications

Measuring Range
Standard 0 – 60 ft (18 m)
Extended 0 – 96 ft (29 m) Fixed roof tanks only (requires extended range kit)
Ambient Temperature Range
‐40 °F to +185 °F (‐40 °C to +85 °C)
ATEX II 1 G Certificate Number: FM06ATEX0009
IP66 (optional)


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