Integrated Solutions

  • YZ Crude Oil Sampler

    YZ offers a standard, simple and reliable family of crude oil sampling systems. Each system is manufactured with quality and precision. The goal of the entire design is to deliver a representative sample month after month, year after year. Our CNR pump sampling system can accommodate a traditional crude oil pot[…]

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  • YZ Light Liquid Sampler

    YZ has been providing the energy industry  Light Liquid Sampling systems for over 60 years. Our innovative design offers a versatile solution to a wide range of sampling applications such as propane, butane and other refined products. A simple skid or a multi-vessel system with remote communications are available to[…]

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  • NJEX Odorant Injection Systems

    NJEX offers a complete systems approach for all of your odorant injection applications.  When you select a skid packaged system you will receive a factory assembled skid, designed specifically to deliver many years of odor free service. This approach will also dramatically reduce time and expense normally associated with commissioning odorant[…]

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