YZ Systems NGL Light Liquid Sampling Systems

YZ has been providing the energy industry  Light Liquid Sampling systems for over 60 years. Our innovative design offers a versatile solution to a wide range of sampling applications such as propane, butane and other refined products. A simple skid or a multi-vessel system with remote communications are available to meet your process needs.  Each systems comes with YZ’s commitment to quality and “low cost of ownership”.

  • Sample pump w/ integral balance feature
  • Skid or cabinet mounted
  • Sample Accumulator w/ power mixer
  • Proportional to flow operation
  • Skid or cabinet mounted
  • Sample pump: Direct or remote mount
  • Accumulator w/ power mixer
  • Precharge vessel
  • Control options- variety


  • Direct or remote mounted sample pumps
  • Sample accumulator capacities:  1.5, 3, 5 gallon
  • Actuation:  pneumatic or hydraulic
  • ANSI 900 service
  • Severe service elastomers