DANIEL SeniorSonic 3414 Four-Path Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Next-generation technology ensures custody transfer measurement integrity

Ideal for custody transfer applications, the new Daniel 3414 Four-Path Gas Ultrasonic Meterprovides highly accurate, reliable measurement that minimizes lost and unaccounted for natural gas. The four-path (eight transducer) chordal meter is now paired with rugged Daniel Gas Ultrasonic Transducers and ultra-fast next-generation Daniel 3410 Series Electronics to deliver reliable, long-term performance.

The 3414 meter body is engineered to provide exceptional results. The full bore design minimizes measurement risk by eliminating incremental pressure drop. The meter also enables bi-directional flow measurement to reduce costs and offers rangeability of greater than 100:1 following calibration to ensure fewer meter runs, smaller line sizes and lower capital costs.

DANIEL Ultrasonic meter transducers

DANIEL Ultrasonic meter transducers

The SeniorSonic 3414 flow meter is supplied with rugged Daniel Gas Ultrasonic Transducers that offer increased longevity, regardless of exposure H2S and other corrosive fluids, to increase meter uptime. Highly durable models are available for low pressure applications as well as wet, rich and/or dirty gas.

Powerful new 3410 Series Electronics enable operators to quickly detect changing flow dynamics such as blockages upstream of the meter, abnormal flow profiles, dirt build-up on the pipeline wall, and liquid hydrocarbons in shale applications.

Daniel MeterLink Diagnostics Software is provided with every Daniel SeniorSonic 3414 meter and gives operators at-a-glance expert flow analysis, flow disturbance alerts and suggested corrective actions. This Windows®-based software enables real-time monitoring of flow measurement information directly from the meter or remotely on a PC or laptop.

Pre-Assembled Upgrade Kit Now Available
Existing meters can be retrofitted with new Daniel 3410 Series Electronics and/or T-20 Series Transducers. The new modular electronics are field-expandable and the simplified design increases reliabilility and facilitates maintenance. Three enclosure options are now available to facilitate 3410 Series Electronics Upgrades.

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Daniel Mark III Electronics
The Daniel SeniorSonic 3404 Four-Path Ultrasonic Flow Meter is also available for customers seeking Mark III Electronics. For more information and product literature, click here.

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