Peerless Ultra Filter Separator

More filter area and multi-stage P6X vane separators in a compact, cost efficient package set the Peerless ULTRA apart from standard filter separators. For vessels above 42″ diameter, the ULTRA design can offer a 10–20% or more savings in initial capital investment vs. other more standard vessels.


(A) T-baffle deflects incoming flow, eliminating the need for standpipes and distributes the solid and moisture-laden gas into the filter chamber.

(B) Incoming flow with entrained solids/liquids pass outside-in through the filter media where solids are removed and small droplets are coalesced. Bulk liquids are also removed in the first stage.

(C) Gas and coalesced liquids travel through the tube sheet.

(D) Remaining coalesced liquids are directed to the high efficiency P6X Vanes. Liquids captured in the vanes are drained away from the gas stream.

Design Parameters Performance
Application Solids/Liquids
Performance Solids: 99.99% removal — 0.3µm or larger
Liquids: 99.99% removal — 0.5µm or larger
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